Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Special "K" Front Door Decor

Now that all my Christmas decorations have been taken down, our front door looks so blah. I was visiting a local boutique and saw twine-wrapped letters that I just LOVED and I thought our front door would be a perfect spot for one! The only thing holding me back was the $68.00 price tag per-letter. After inspecting it, it truly was just a twine-wrapped letter so I knew I could totally replicate that on my own...and I did with an extra little embellishment!

Here are the supplies I used: a letter K, a silk flower, and black ribbon from my local craft store; twine from my local hardware store; and a little craft glue from my stash at home.
I used a staple gun to adhere the ribbons to the backside for hanging later. And here's what the letter looks like as you're wrapping and gluing the twine:
Here it is all wrapped in twine (this step took about 10 hours!):
And then I added a flower and leaves:
Tie a bow and hang it and you're done!

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