Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Magnet Frames

These make a perfect gift for someone...everyone has photos they like to display! I put one in my office and it was a hit - I sold 20 of them!

It's covered in fabric, so your color & design options are endless. If they make it in a fabric, you can have as a frame!

Then I found buttons & embellishments and attached magnets to the backside. These hold your photos on the board in a decorative way. You could drill holes through the top and string a ribbon through to hang it, or you can put it on an easel (which is what I did) and set it on a tabletop.
A friend bought 7 of these to give as gifts - she's going to attach a few of her special recipes and use them as recipe holders.
I thought about making one larger in scale and framing it (without the glass in the frame) and then hanging it on the wall. How posh would that look! And it's a great way to bring decorative fabric into a room. Maybe that will have to be my next project...


  1. What did you use as the base before covering with fabric so it would be magnetic? Again another beautiful design!!

  2. Hi Kimmie -

    I used a piece of sheet metal that I purchased at my local home improvement store.