Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Wipes, Round Two

My second attempt at making a stylish baby wipes case was much easier than my first. While attempting the first one, I learned what not-to-do & I picked up some "tricks" that made things a whole lot easier the 2nd time around! So, here's my second case...


  1. Very cute. Can you tell us what you learned not to do. I have not made one of these yet and would like to hear how you did yours.

  2. Hi Jamie!

    I will work on a tutorial "guide" for the baby wipes case. In the meantime, one of the biggest tips I learned is when applying the trim around the case, to put the hot glue on the ribbon and then stick the ribbon on the case. I was originally putting the glue on the case and then applying the ribbon and I just couldn't get a tight, "finished" look.

  3. Thanks for this info. I look forward to your tutorial.