Friday, January 28, 2011

Breast Cancer Ribbon Soap Dispenser

My two Aunts participated in the 3-Day Breast Cancer walk last year and were able to raise a TON of money for the cause. This year, they will be walking again with the addition of my sister & my cousin. I try to help out by coming up with fundraising ideas for them.

The soap dispensers I made over the Holidays were such a big seller (in fact, I'm still getting orders for them) that I thought I'd make a Pink Ribbon version that my Aunts can use to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. Here's photos of round one (I'm not crazy about the ribbon I chose for this one. I'll probably be changing that up in future rounds):


  1. love these!...i'm so interested in buying if you're willing to ship!...

  2. Thank you! We are trying to figure out the logistics of selling & shipping these. As soon as we have the details all worked out, I'll post the info on my blog. Thanks again!