Monday, March 14, 2011

Button Pendants

Have a stash of old buttons laying around? Turn them into pendants! I didn't have many old buttons laying around, so I made a visit to my local fabric store and perused their button aisles - WOW! The selection of buttons available amazed me!!Here's how I started - you need buttons, embellishments (I used beads), jewelry bales (the silver hoop thingy that your necklace slides through), strong adhesive (I use E6000), and some card stock, ink, and stamps for the "packaging".

You start by layering the buttons and gluing them together. After the glue is dry, flip them over & glue the bale to the backside. Let dry completely. I then stamped some "backer" cards to adhere the pendants to so they had a more retail boutique look - perfect for gift-giving.